Dec 30, 2010

This decade... an overview

In my previous post I said that I’d update here regularly but it couldn’t happen due to some reasons( maybe I’m quite busy :P )… recently my mind got a flash thought  that the decade is going to end in few days, so why not try to remember the whole decade(Starting from 2000 to 2010). So I sat down and thought deeply about this decade… it’s really quite interesting. From 5th class to 4th year it’s really been a long journey… so I just want to put up some of my memories in this decade.
            To start with this decade started when most beautiful and memorable days are going on in my life. Those days are nothing but the days in railway school. And the railway quarters life is really awesome. One should feel that experience of staying in a quarters. I was studying 5th class when the new-year is about to come. There were a lot of discussions about Y2K problem, new millennium, etc… the greeting cards were printed in a new way, much different to the greetings I saw prior to 2000. I bought heaps of greetings as my number of friends is too many. I have to give greetings to all my class mates and also to also to all my friends in quarters. To summarize a railway quarters life in our days, there is no “my house” over there, everyone is free to go in to one others house and the relations used to be so clean, there used to be no difference between guys and girls and children of my age are present in heaps and we all used to mingle with each other like own brothers and sisters. The whole quarters used to celebrate all the festivals together.  New millennium started in my 5th standard. New-year celebrations were made in a grand way in colony and all the people of our colony wished each other and I still remember the “nuvvekavali” movie song being played that day… that’s the first song that I heard in this millennium. The year 2000 passed so happily completed my 5th class under “koteswaramma mam”. Then I entered 6th class in the same year. If my memory is correct I went to Varanasi during summer holidays to stay with my sister and my beautiful nephew and niece. They were small kids that time. 6th class was the best class I came across in my life. This is the first time I had Telugu as a subject. I have to thank my dad who helped me to learn Telugu so easily. I don’t want to mention any friends name over here but our batch was superb batch in railway school. A section stands for unity. And my batch in railway colony was even better. Our school used to end at 4.30pm and then we used to go to ground and play some games. Our houses were like they were interconnected. Even though there are friends in my block in colony we all used to go to another block where in every house there is a friend. We all used to go to same tuition after playing some time in evening. And Sunday is the happiest day for us. All of our friends no matter a guy or a girl use to combine and play for the whole day. Much before were the cartoon network days. These days are playing days. I still remember the pen punishment given by social sir in 5th and the home work was to write all the half yearly or quarterly question papers 2 or 3 times in holidays. We all used to sit together and write the homework in a single day and play the remaining days J .2000 was a beautiful year and 2001 too continued to be like that. 2001 started in my mid 6th class and during summer vacation I remember that we went to shirdi. Not to forget the trip to Warangal we had in 6th. Railways are ours so we had a beautiful trip. In mid 2001 I entered 7th class. Everyone used to frighten me that 7th class is going to me my future and I have to give my best out of that. My days in railway school in 7th were superb and the time we had spent in tuition was still better. I still remember that I was a leader in tuition :D. 2001 was finished very happily for me. I still remember all the naught and adventurous things that me and my friends did in railway colony. We went for two tours in this year. One is to nagarjuna sagar and the other is to Sibar water world. I got my teeth broken in that water world. 2002 started in a very happy way. In my seventh my sister and brother in law got transfer from Varanasi to khammam. I was happy that I can spend time with kids during all the holidays. My seventh common exams were started in mid 2002. I used to go to exam center in Revathi akka’s cycle. Revathi akka is my neighbor for name but more than a sister for me. I used to spend most of my time in their house.
            In 2002 most sad incident happened in my life. We shifted from railway colony to patamata. Patamata is a place where people live their own life. There will be no connection between people living over here. This happened because Mr. Chigurupati vara Prasad suggested my parents to join me in his school for better studies. So my sister came all the way from khammam to join me in Sri Krishnaveni talent school. Everything’s new to me over there. I was really worried thinking how I can mingle with a new set of friends. I was addicted to colony life full of life and happiness. And I was addicted to railway school where all the students were equal both financially and in the way we study. Here everyone is so studious and many belong to families of strong financial background. So initially I was tensed thinking how I can cope up with the people over there. Seriously I don’t know anyone in that school when I joined. The school used to be till night so staying in home is so less. And whenever I stay in home I used to feel so lonely coz there used to be no friends near my house. This is the first time I came to know what is meant by being lonely. I just used to go to school study and come back. Slowly people in the school started becoming my friends. An advantage to me is that I used to study in a Special Hindi section and I cannot change the class till I leave the school. One thing different in this school is that talking with girls was a very big sin to the coordinators and they never allowed that. So I became so friendly with people over there and 8th class was a good experience. 2003 started normally without celebrations and I always used to look for a chance to go to railway colony. Diwali is celebrated the best way in railway colony and till my 10th I used to go there for celebrating Diwali. 2003 was a very nice year. My actual krishnaveni life started at this point of time. As I will be friendly with everyone, everyone became so close to me. In 2003 my sister got shifted to Vijayawada following transfer order to my brother in law. So I used to go there in free time on my bicycle. In mid 2003 I entered 9th after passing 8th successfully. Our E section was split in to two sections in 9th due to more strength of Special Hindi students. All the people who are close with me in 8th were in F and I was put in E section. Some of my good friends gave me company in initial days and new friendships too became very close in 9th standard. Sirs used to have a special eye on me as they think that I am the naughtiest one in the class. They always take special care on me. A very good batch was formed in 9th and it could be said the best class I studied. And everyday my coordinator used to catch me and my friends when I was returning home after school is left. All my friends who used to stay in school surrounding used to roam for a long time on our bicycles. The days with bicycles were superb. And the enjoyment in the school was awesome. 2004 new-year started happily and 9th class was completed in a superb way by writing common exams in ZPS. Several outings with friends and so on… I entered 10th in 2004 again the same thing happened to me. Sections E and F were shuffled and all my friends who are close to me were in E and I was sent to F. This time there was a kind of groupism in the classes. It’s obvious that everyone wants to become a hero and show his heroism. Many people in my class used to be like the way I said. Most of the time I used to go to the E section and spend time with my friends over there. As both our sections used to be together ours is a very famous E and F batch in school. They are the best buddies and 10th class was a very happy period of time for me. The enjoyment we used to have in school is ultimate which can never be brought back. 2005 started well... I completed my tenth in mid 2005. It’s really most memorable year and the farewell party we had cannot be forgotten. After tenth my parents had lots of expectation on me as I used to study well that time.
            So they joined me in ramayyah coaching in Hyderabad keeping me in relative’s hostel. The hostel was actually a flat in which 18 members of my coaching center were kept in. All of the remaining people used to treat me as great because I was the relative of the hostel’s owner. I conveyed them that I too belong to their age and said them that we’ll have a great time. We exactly did the same. 30 days of nonstop enjoyment. We 18 people together roamed almost whole Hyderabad. I still remember a guy having an ATM card with him and spend money for us. Out of 30 days we went to coaching institute for 3 or 4 days. I loved the hostel life over there. For the first time in my life I felt so free and that is the time I enjoyed a lot. 18 people, everyone from different parts of state… ultimate enjoyment. Obviously I got negative marks in ramayyah entrance test but secured seat in some IIT institutes in Hyderabad. My dad convinced me that studying in Vijayawada is far better and I returned back. Joined in Sri Chaitanya junior college and was along with some of my schoolmates. I shifted many sections and once selected for going to IIT campus. I couldn’t leave my friends so I didn’t go over there. At last I ended up in IC batch, a batch which is full of wealthy people. I had some of my school friends and due to my habit of mingling with people I mingled with each and everyone over there and enjoyed my days over there. Intermediate was so fast that I didn’t even knew when 2006 and 2007 came. My marks in 1st inter was so good and I was in special batch in inter 2nd year till midterm and then shifted to 1A section where I got a good bunch of friends. And then due to some stresses I shifted to 1B section and there also I got a good bunch of friends. So my circle in inter was so big and many people became friends in my life. Inter was completed very fast and all competitive exams were written by me. Due to my silly mistakes I didn’t get good score in any of the exams. Missed seat in many colleges in border and EAMCET became my hope at last. I had a seat in Siddhartha College but due to force from my father and sister I took a seat seeking ECE in a new college in Vijayawada.
            This is where my life started. In summer holidays of inter I roamed many places and went to several religious places. During October 2007 my college started. Initially I was shocked looking at the college. Here too I knew no one when I entered. I knew some of the faces and that people were not close with me. Then slowly some people became friendly with me. 1st year was good. Not good when compared to my previous years of studies but it’s not bad too. My studies were good in the beginning stage of my Previously I used to be afraid to talk with girls and this fear is removed in My studies went on well till mid second year. For 2008 new-year I received several wishes, from my school and inter friends and slowly the number began reducing. Everyone is busy with their own life. Life’s become so commercial when people started growing. Still I stay in contact with all my childhood buddies but we can never be the way we were before. And to come to my life, the life became so sucking that I cannot even explain the way it went bad. As it is said that everyone will have a bad time in their life my life’s bad time started when I was in 2nd half of second year in and that continues till now. Everything’s fine till 2008 and there’s nothing great to be said about 2009 and 2010. These are the 2 years that were wasted in this decade. Of course there were some good times that I had when I was with my old pals and when I was in some meetings. In my view the life is not a happy one for me. Several downs… frustrations… disappointments… insults… so on... There were some good friends in this time but because of my problems I couldn’t enjoy with them too. Over all the bad phase is still going on at this point of time and I seriously wish that new decade starts with a new hope and my happy life and my happiness back to me.
            I just summarized the decade so far simply… if the whole decade was to be discussed I can remember well but the number of pages will reach a ton. I’ll write some of my life’s best moments over here but this post is meant to summarize this decade… 2000-2010… the decade which showed me everything about life. This is most important decade too coz these memories stay forever until my breath stops. I learnt how to live in life, I’ve got several friends, I’ve enjoyed a lot, I’ve seen my worst phase… what not everything in this decade… ten quick years. As of now I just wish myself for my next decade to be rocking with god’s blessings. Cheers J

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